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Cant withdraw BBS to web wallet
Hi, i bought some bbs from crex24 exchange but i cant withdraw any bbs to web wallet. I tried 4-5 times but it gets canceled on crex24. I think its some issue with the web wallet thats why its gets canceled.Any solutions? Its not good to keep any coin on exchanges for long.

You should contact with Crex24. Seems like Crex24 canceled your transaction for some reasons.
Or try to reduce your transfer amount of one transaction.
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fireboy and watergirl
Install www.24HWriteMyEssay.Com BBs web wallet for your cellular and Electron cash to your laptop. Create a wallet on the cellular and document the seed in a safe area. Import the seed into Electron cash (with the right derivation course). executed. No want to screw round with a dodgy web wallet. Your keys too.
This kind of information is very limited on the internet. Nice to find the post related to my searching criteria. I agree with previous author that you should contact with Crex24. Another updated and informative post will be appreciated.

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