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How to run wallet service tutorial?
Hi folks,

This is a great coin and I can make this very popular in my circle as well.

My Chinese colleagues here are not too tech. Blockchain technology is new. They approached me regarding implementing BBSCoin on their Discuz forum. I downloaded the addon from the official Discuz site and installed on their site.

But, I am not able to help completely since I can't figure out how to run wallet service for a Discuz forum.

Can you provide a step wise tutorial on how to implement and run a wallet service for a Discuz forum in English so I can implement on their site?

Also, can you add a detailed description on how to run a service on the official addon.discuz site? There are lots of people who have installed the plugin but don't know how to get it working.

Hi. We have a Chinese manual for setting up the service:
Also, you can join our QQ group: 8247777 where we can provide more help.

Wallet Service wiki
(02-13-2018, 02:47 AM)bbscoin Wrote:
Wallet Service wiki

I think this is very good. I will come back if I have further questions.

Great work!
People looking for wallet service integration can also refer to the below link,

The above link has a little more description on how to set up wallet service, being a cryptonote it works similar.

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