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Q: Why I can't get the reward as above declared
A: This calculated based on Coin Already Supplied = 0
The reward formula is here: (You can check this code in Currency.cpp)
Reward = Total Supply - Already Supplied >> speed_base;
At first, speed_base = 18, every 1/6 supplied, speed_base will increase 1

Q: 184 billion supply is too much. Your coin is worthless obvious.
A: BBSCoin is designed for forums. Credits are inflated in the most of places. We don’t want the exchange rate to end up something like 100k:1. 
We think this is a good supply for this scene.

Q: My desktop wallet can't transfer anything big.
A: This is due to you have received too many small incomes. Turn on wallet optimization in preferences. 
And leave the wallet running, it will start to combine small amounts to larger one. You will be able to transfer a larger amount next time.
The below status is optimization completed.
[Image: Nydym5a.png]

Q: My desktop wallet is missing transactions.
A: Sometimes transactions will not be shown correctly due to synching issue or the wallet records are not correctly saved. 
You can use "reset wallet" function in the menu to re-index the transactions.

Q: I can't sync or stuck with my desktop wallet because of long time no use.

A: Please remove the outdated P2P file.
In windows: %appdata%\BBSCoin\p2pstate.bbs
In OSX/*nix: ~/.BBSCoin/p2pstate.bbs

Q: I can't sync or stuck with my desktop wallet for other reasons
A: Backup your wallet file first, then delete the blockchain folder and resync. Please ensure your install folder name is English.
In windows: %appdata%\BBSCoin
In OSX/*nix: ~/.BBSCoin

Q: Is there an API?

A: Yes, Check here: 

Q: How do I tell win10 gui wallet to use a different drive for blockchain data, i.e. using 3 TB internal SATA hard disk D:/
A: Create a shortcut on your desktop.  Right click the shortcut,  go to properties and add --data-dir=D:\bbscoinwallet_win_x64\data